Monday, December 8, 2014

A Christmas in Whoville

Dear Whoville friends,

Come to Whoville to hear us sing, sing, sing!
At 5 pm on December the 14.
Bring your blankets, bring your chairs
Come in singles or in pairs!

On the lawn of the second Whoville house
A grinchy Grinch will be a Klaus
While all the Whos, big and small,
Sing their songs despite this louse.

And, if by chance, to come you can’t
Watch the story and the chant
On a channel on the web
Where you can see and hear what was meant.

We’ll have Whoville munchies to be munched
-- after you hear us sing, sing, sing! --
That all the Whos happily bring
So you can meet the Whos and say hello
In Whoville town after the Christmas show down!  

So come along and bring your friends
Bring your besties and all those possible Who gems.
Sound the news to all around!
Come and share the songs of Whoville town
And may the Holiday Spirit in your heart abound!

A Christmas in Whoville
The Ugarte Studio
Sunday, December 14, 2014

                      5:00 pm

 Matt, Pia & Sapphie

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